Isabel Kanaan


A Second City graduate and a Seneca College Acting for Camera and Voice alumna, Isabel was recently awarded the NBC Universal Bob Curry Fellowship and is now the newest cast member of Air Farce, part of the Second City House Ensemble, and a member of the award-winning sketch troupe The Sketchersons. She has received rave reviews for her performance in the Filipino-Canadian film Ponytail, for her comedic skills on the Fringe Festival production Women, for her dramatic turn in Swan, and for her lead role in the Haunted or Hoax series, which won the NYC Web Fest’s Audience Choice Award. She toured North America with Hey ‘90s Kids, You’re Old which won awards in Toronto and New York festivals and has worked on multiple projects with the CFC such as The Housekeeper and Philip. She is also a core member of Carlos Bulosan Theatre’s Collective Creation Unit and recently co-wrote and appeared in the collective’s stage play Anak. Follow her @isabelkanaan for updates on new projects she’s working on!

Favorite ’90s Memory:My brother and I would always reenact Kenan & Kel’s recurring Orange Soda skit no matter what we were drinking. We’d both fight over who got to play Kel since we both love orange soda. I do I do I do Oooohhh!!!”